Getting Bored? Try a New Medium

There are plenty of times where I just need a change. Whether it's a change of scenery, office set up or even a new theme for my journal, change is always inspiring. I write a lot of short fiction and sometimes it can get tedious. What do you do to remedy that? Try a new … Continue reading Getting Bored? Try a New Medium


“Bayou L’Abeille” Blog Tour

Whew! Is this thing still on? I know I've neglected you, my dear blog. My apologies. Let's make up starting now. 😉 Today marks the beginning of the Blog Tour for my book, "Bayou L'Abeille". There are some amazing people participating and the first post is from my fantastic publisher, Fey Publishing! Check out the Rafflecopter … Continue reading “Bayou L’Abeille” Blog Tour