“Bayou L’Abeille” Blog Tour

Whew! Is this thing still on? I know I've neglected you, my dear blog. My apologies. Let's make up starting now. 😉 Today marks the beginning of the Blog Tour for my book, "Bayou L'Abeille". There are some amazing people participating and the first post is from my fantastic publisher, Fey Publishing! Check out the Rafflecopter … Continue reading “Bayou L’Abeille” Blog Tour

Long Time, No Blog

*blows the dust off of Ye Olde Blog* Somebody needs to take some Pledge to that junk (and by somebody, I mean somebody else). Hello again! I do believe the last time we spoke I was heading straight for my busy season. Fall always brings a multitude of great events and I make sure to … Continue reading Long Time, No Blog

Duchess of the Time Suck: You’re Welcome.

This is where I spew truthiness at you. I have zero inspiration for blogging this week. That being said, I shall now share with you the vile culprits of time suckage that have been distracting me as of late. Prime Suspect: Facebook. That asshole. Suspect A: Dog-shaming. I mean, really. Dog owners take a photo of … Continue reading Duchess of the Time Suck: You’re Welcome.