Breaking Fences

The earmarks of a life tend to be driven by where the boundaries of the comfort zone fall. Think about it. All of those big moments, the devastations, the triumphs, the failures…all of those things happened when you were pushing, pull, breaking through, and down-right trampling the circle of your comfort zone.

That’s kind of where I am right now. Big things are happening. Big. Amazing. Things. I’m either going to shove my giant butt to the top of the hill, or my ass will land right back where I started. I could take the easy way out and just pull it all to a screeching halt, but where would that leave me?

It’s important to move forward and test the circle. Why? It’s because nothing happens inside the comfort zone that will create a landmark in your life.

Let me say that again:

Nothing worth remembering happens inside your comfort zone.

I gave you an extra space so you could contemplate.

I’m in this nexus. I am publishing my first book for the world to see and I don’t think the “real” hit me until today. I met with a friend who is designing my book cover. We made a lot of progress (which we always do…can’t have THAT much awesome in a room without something cool happening). I think seeing those words and images on the screen really helped it all sink in.

I’m scared and excited all at the same time, both emotions that circle the edges of my comfort zone.

It’s time to jump, ladies and gents and those in between.

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Much love,

A.D. Sams

by A.D. Sams


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