Dog Shaming: Version – My House

We have four fantastically personalitied dogs, two large and two small.  They are a source of constant entertainment, love, scorn, frustration, laughter, and anything else you can pull out of the emotional bag.

We love them immensely.

After my daily visits to, I decided to bring down the “wrath” on our own fur beasts.

This is Sherwood. He’s half Newfoundland and half…crazy train. His alter ego, Captain Crunk, causes him to hop like a bunny, race from one side of the yard/room/space to the other about fifty times and then skid to a halt at your feet then try to hug you. I apologize a lot.

This is JoJo. He is best friends with Smokey (you’ll see him later). He loves to love. I can’t count the number of times that Smokey goes outside to take a nap and there’s JoJo humping like there’s no tomorrow. Ever see a Chihuahua start humping motions just by looking at something?

This is Smokey. He is big and goofy and I love him. He, however, has taken to barking loudly in the middle of the night. All. Night. Long. He does it right underneath the bedroom window. While I know he must feel a sense of protecting the yard, he inflames my sense of get-in-the-garage-before-I-give-you-to-a-circus.

And this lovely lady is Zoe. She’s a hot mess, but that’s what makes us love her so much.

There they are, all of our furry bundles of love and coo-coo. Life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting without them.


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