Writing Process Blog Tour: I, again, blame Sara.

My friend Sara Crawford (author of The 30 Day Writing Challenge), tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Tour. Because she tends to be able to bend me to her will with the alluring awkwardness of her puppy dog stare, I’m participating. Aren’t you excited? I sure am. Visit Sara’s blog here and check out … Continue reading Writing Process Blog Tour: I, again, blame Sara.

“Bayou L’Abeille” Blog Tour

Whew! Is this thing still on? I know I've neglected you, my dear blog. My apologies. Let's make up starting now. 😉 Today marks the beginning of the Blog Tour for my book, "Bayou L'Abeille". There are some amazing people participating and the first post is from my fantastic publisher, Fey Publishing! Check out the Rafflecopter … Continue reading “Bayou L’Abeille” Blog Tour

Dog Shaming: Version – My House

We have four fantastically personalitied dogs, two large and two small.  They are a source of constant entertainment, love, scorn, frustration, laughter, and anything else you can pull out of the emotional bag. We love them immensely. After my daily visits to Dog-shaming.com, I decided to bring down the "wrath" on our own fur beasts. … Continue reading Dog Shaming: Version – My House