Month of Cah-Ray-Zee!

October is without a doubt my favorite time of year. It is also my BUSIEST time of year hands down. Once October 1st hits, every bit of free time I have is booked solid. Parties, events, festivals, not to mention Halloween, and baking fill my time. If I could go without sleep, I probably would. Not only that, but my birthday falls on November 3rd, my anniversary is on November 5th, and this year my first book, Bayou L’Abeille, is being released on November 1st.

*passes out*

These are all amazingly great things, mind you. I’m really not complaining. The second week of November is known as Sleepy Time then Pie.

This past week I got the chance to meet up with fellow author, Rob Fox. He needed some new head shots and we have a major project in the works. After a fantastic lunch at East Atlanta Village’s Midway Pub, we hopped over to snap a few photos.

Here, I’ll share one. Check out those eyelashes. 🙂

Today, I’m making treats for a gathering and then work, work, work until the next set of things to do. Really, I’m trying to be patient until Spooky Empire’s Ultimate Horror Weekend where I’ll be a guest author. I’m stupid excited about this. In fact, I’m almost as excited about that as the release of my book the weekend after I return. lol


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