Other Side of the Veil: Pneumonia Sucks

Well, I survived a month-and-a-half bout of pneumonia and unlocked the Upright Human Achievement, so things are good. Nothing knocks your life on its ass quite like the feeling that air is made of cement.

That being said, air is air again and I’m back to the goal list.

I’ve made some updates to the website and have several projects toiling around in my brainmeats. Mmmm, brainmeats.

  • This weekend, I’ll be running amok in Savannah, GA with my camera, so I’ll have some new photos to share soon. Here’s one from my last visit:Bonaventure
  • I’m partnering with BostonChuck.com on a project or two. More on that as it develops.
  • I’m still in the midst of TWO book projects, both of which I’ll have available by October.
  • Speaking of October, I’m in organizer-mode for Spooky Empire‘s Creative Track. I’m thinking 2018 will be the best year yet! If you would like to submit your request to be a guest, just drop me a line directly with your credentials and I’ll get back to you once I get a chance to review.
  • I may or may not be re-watching Game of Thrones…again. Don’t judge me.

That’s about all of the update I have for now. I’m hoping to have some more details for you over the coming weeks and definitely more posts. Can’t have this journal just sitting around collecting proverbial dust, now can I?


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