Holy Crow! It’s ALIVE!

Apparently, I haven’t blogged in about two years.

Look, I get it. I feel you being judgy at me through your screen at this very moment. Don’t think I have neglected admonishing myself to the fullest extent already. I have and I’m not only very thorough, but I’m also a client…. Wait.

This is my publicly accountable effort to start writing again on a regular basis. Plus, it will give me the chance to share some exciting news.

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After quite a bit of procrastination (let’s face it, my skills are amazing) and too many internal battles with fear and terrific squirrels (“archaic” definition of terrific, please), I got over myself and realized that the only way to truly fail is to never get off my ass in the first place.  By never acting, you have 100% chance of failure. No info graphics needed.

Blackbird House Studios is my way of putting all of the creative areas of my life into one place and making it available to you.

Between photography, graphic design, my growing love of learning to paint, writing, and other interests, I was scattering myself to the wind and punishing myself for not being able to put out cohesive projects. I hated it, so I decided to change it.

  • BlackbirdHouseStudios.com is up and running. I’ll make updates there as they come along.
  • I have two book projects in the works.
  • I have two authors interested in illustrations for a children’s book (and possibly publishing, as well).
  • I’ve been working as an editor with a local screenwriter on a draft of his newest short film and I have several authors inquiring about my questionable, yet entertaining editing services. I kid. I’ll red ink you into the next century.
  • I’ve been asked about commissions for paintings (on leaf mostly, but a few have asked about canvas), which still shocks the hell out of me. I’m not complaining.
  • Finally, I’ve looked into a few other projects of varying mediums and genres that I’m still tossing around my think tank. Who knows what the future holds?

Here’s a look at a few of the recent projects that served as a kick-in-the-pants from the Universe:




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